Polaris Team Forecast & Strategy Server



Concordia Software is proud to present its flagship product “Polaris Team Forecast and Strategy Server”. Polaris is an elegant new solution that resolves some of the toughest workforce and workload management challenges faced by organizations. Polaris provides our clients a window into the future, where they can precisely evaluate the demands of an ever-changing business environment and proactively make the appropriate strategic planning decisions at the present time. The details of the workforce management solution that Polaris encompasses are found in the “Solutions” section of our website. Please contact us to find out how Polaris can give you the means to successfully navigate to your carefully planned and crafted future state.

The Polaris Solution is built upon a robust framework and user interface, where users can easily understand and perform the tasks needed for their user role. Some of the highlights of this framework are explained below:

Flexible Organizational Structure:

Polaris allows an administrator to create a virtual organizational hierarchy that mimics the existing organizational structure with all its teams of workforce and different streams of workload. Thus, allowing the user to exactly replicate into Polaris, how the organization’s workforce is structured; how the different streams of workloads are structured; and how the two are related. In this way, the Polaris application keeps a track of various statistics on an ongoing basis and allows the organization to strategically plan its future.

Data Integration:

The user has the ability to imported data into Polaris from external data repositories in the enterprise. Data can be imported from external databases, delimited files and spreadsheets. Data integration jobs can be saved within Polaris and executed on demand or based on a predetermined schedule.

Business Intelligence and Analytics:

Polaris has an extremely robust business intelligence and analytics engine. The user has numerous valuable reports, reporting dashboards and data mining and analytics tools at their disposal.

Role and Function Based Security:

The Polaris framework has a comprehensive role based and function based security in place which ensures that only the users with the correct privileges are allowed to perform each function.

Audit Trail:

Organizations that employ homegrown processes and spreadsheets for conducting their workforce & workload planning very quickly realize that as data changes in their spreadsheets, there is no way to figure out what changes have been made, when they have been made, for what reason and by whom. This leads to an environment where there is no accountability or traceability for actions or decisions taken by people. Polaris provides an excellent audit trail and tracking mechanism which can be utilized for traceability as well as correcting wrong decisions that have been made before it’s too late.

To find out more about the capabilities and functionalities of Polaris and how it can simplify and improve your workforce planning activities contact us.