Creating a strategic plan is half the battle the other more important half is the ability to successfully execute and track the progress as well as identify any deviation in a timely manner.Polaris will empower you to create a successful strategic plan and manage its implementation.


    Polaris is developed with an extremely robust and comprehensive forecasting engine, in order to empower your organization with a laser focus precision on the future business requirements.


    Polaris is designed to empower you as the end user to manage, control, maintain, and adjust your desired level of optimization in a proactive manner.


    Today’s Call Center industry is going through a transitional evolution. From the traditional customer service center, call centers are evolving more into profit center. Whether your call center is going through this evolution transformation or not, revenue and/or cost are still important elements of the P&L.

Within 3 months of going online, consistently deliver accurate long range capacity forecasts

Forecasting with Precision is Not a Pie In the Sky, If you take a new approach to capacity planning

There has been no easy way to accurately and consistently simulate the messy, real-world interactions between workload events and resources. Contact us to learn more about our new solution for long-range Capacity Planning Forecasts…


Manage your ramp up and ramp down plans with perfection

You know you need more resources to handle upcoming volume, but the trick is deciding when, where and how much to ramp up. Contact us to learn more about our approach to Staffing Ramp Plans…


Create and tweak What-if Scenarios ON-THE-SPOT!

Now your executive team can pose and answer strategic questions about What-if Scenarios RIGHT IN THE MEETING with your business analyst. Contact us to learn more about our solutions for What-if Simulation and strategic decision support…



Welcome to
Concordia Software

Concordia Software offers the licensed sale and use of the Polaris Team Forecast and Strategy Server and different levels of maintenance and support to clients in two different models:


Cloud Based SAAS Model

You can own Polaris as a complete all inclusive Software as a Service (SAAS) solution. This service offering includes a customer support help desk, technical support, maintenance and upgrades to the software.


Traditional Model

You can own Polaris based on traditional licensing. The client procures their own application servers and infrastructure which will be used for hosting the application. The client is also responsible for the maintenance of this infrastructure. Customer support, technical support and maintenance are available to the client as a separate service.